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How to Repair a Concrete Floor

liquid resin for concrete repair

The first step is selecting the right product using the list below.

Asphalt Repairs Instantex Cemcoat
Bolt Holes Cretex EP Easipatch
Chemical Resistant Cretex CR Cretex PU Cretex EP Cretex OT Mortar
Cold Temperature Cretex MC STD Cretex LT Jointex XFH
Concrete Additive Bondex
Concrete Resurfaces Cemcoat Easipatch
Coving Cove Form EP
Cracks Internal Crackfiller External Crackfiller Cretex EP
Damp Floors Cretex Rapid Cretex LT
Deep Repairs Cretex EP Mortar Cretex Deepfill Cretex Fastset Cretex LT
Expansion Joints Jointex EP Jointex PU Jointex XFH Jointex SP
External Repairs Easiscreed External Cemcoat Instantex Bondex
Fast Repairs Cretex Rapid Cretex Fastset Easipatch Cretex MC
Feather Edging Cretex EP Easipatch Cretex PU
General Repairs (Top 4) Cretex EP Cretex Rapid Easipatch Cretex PU
Greasy Surface Cretex OT Mortar
Grouts Easiflow VP
High Temperature Cretex
Non Toxic or Taint Cretex EP Cretex Rapid Cretex PU Cretex EP Mortar
Oily Surface Cretex OT Mortar
Pourable Product Easipatch Easiscreed Industrial Cemcoat Easiscreed External
Road Repairs Instantex Cretex EP Mortar Bondex Cretex Fastset
Self-Leveling Screeds Easiscreed Industrial Easiscreed Flexible Easiscreed Std Easiscreed External
Small Repairs / Holes Cretex EP Cretex Rapid Easipatch Cretex PU
Spalling Concrete Cemcoat Easipatch
Tarmac Repairs Instantex Cemcoat
Thin Repairs Easipatch Cretex EP
Vertical / Walls Repairs Cretex LM Cretex Rapid

To be honest, the question How to Repair a Concrete Floor is one of the most common question asked but really too generic to answer here. There are so many different scenarios that this guide would end up a few miles long…!

So what we will do here is:

  • give you a quick insight as to the huge variety of solutions we can offer under the heading of our internationally registered brand name of Cretex below,
  • a table that you will be able to see some of the many different floor problems down the left hand side with at least 3 different products that can choose from to complete the said repair.
  • Provide you with some quick links to guides that cover specific problems.

Should you not find the answer to your specific requirement, please don’t hesitate to send us a question and we will send you the answer by return. Of course, you can always ring us free on 0800 980 0852 and one of our qualified and experienced applicators will be happy to give you all the help you need.


CRETEX® is one of many recognised and trusted trademarks internationally registered to Polycote UK and provides an entire range of floor repair products that are second to none!

Don’t worry about temperatures. We have products that that can cure down to -40°C and capable of traffic in less than 2 hours! We have a product that or withstand working temperatures of 1200°C!

Forget the need of expensive labour or specialist equipment. There is no need to cut out floors to certain depths or widths. We have products that can be feathered to absolutely nothing yet retain unbelievable strength!

Are long curing times causing you logistical nightmares? Did you know that we have a repair that can cure to the strength of 40N/mm (the same as a fully cured power floated factory floor) in only 2 hours. We have self-leveling floor screeds that can be driven over by forklifts the following day.   We even have a repair product that can be driven over instantly!

When all is said and done, our products will save you time, effort AND money, so please use the Fast Product Identifier below and see how easy it is to find a professional, long term solution.

  • How to Repair a Cracked Concrete Floor
  • How to Repair An Expansion Joint
  • How to Repair Pitted and Spalled Concrete


Thank you for your interest and we hope you have found the above information both interesting and helpful. However, should you still have be unsure as to the best solution for your needs, please don’t hesitate to ring our technical helpline now on 01234 846400. We have a fully qualified team ready to give practical advice and help assist you as much as possible.

Please let us know how what you think of this guide and also be free to ask what else you would like to know about primers, or indeed any other coating question:

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