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ORCKID ORCKID CREATIVE TECHNOLOGISTS ORCKID builds tailor-made digital platforms for clients across multiple industries, including energy, technology and consumer products. Embracing the complex challenges of large organisations is what sets ORCKID apart from its competitors. Sharper Sharper B2B Marketing B2B MARKETING Sharper B2B Marketing is focused on enhancing the impact of B2B marketing for clients across the technology sector. Sharper brings client-side experience to a modern agency and is ready to take on today’s challenges…and the big boys. Greentarget Greentarget CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS Greentarget is one of London’s leading communications agencies for the finance sector. Working with some of the most sophisticated financial services firms in the world, Greentarget operates in the heart of The City. Flagship Flagship PR COMMUNICATIONS & PR Flagship PR uses the power of public relations to deliver commercial results for clients in the finance, professional services and travel sectors. By creating two-way conversations, Flagship helps brands connect with their audience.

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Integrated Communications

Tell your story with purpose, authenticity and credibility. Corporate Communications, Public Relations, Social and Internal Communications.

Revenue Enablement

Make it easy for your clients to do business with you. B2B Ecommerce, Web and mobile app development, self-service systems.

Customer Success

Develop organic revenue opportunities and fine tune performance. Account Based Marketing, Learning Management Systems, Internal Communications.

Customer Acquisition

Create demand, generate leads and nurture relationships through to booked revenues. DBM, Integrated, CRM & Leadgen.

Client Success

“I worked with The Creative Engine (now ORCKID TCE) for almost a year on various projects that involved creating mobile apps made for training purposes.

TCE has been by far my favourite partner to work with, thanks to their due diligence, efficiency, ease of communication and professionalism. They taught us the overall importance of interactive training content, an important future consideration for our team. I look forward to another opportunity of working with them.”

Esra Err
Associate Product Marketing Manager, Google

“The Flagship team have been adept at thinking outside the box to help us create earned media and develop campaigns that make news. Alongside this they have developed a team which I can only describe as a well-oiled smart machine. On a daily basis, this team monitors early breaking stories, develops angles for ESET commentary and then pitches to the media outlets and journalists.

This responsiveness and readiness ensure that we are part of the stories that occur daily around cyber security for businesses and consumers. Over time this has led to an increase in the frequency and regularity that leading titles and journalists come directly to Flagship and ESET for comments and opinions. To quantify how successful this is, I can point to 814 clippings last year with over 44% of them featuring in national titles as well as our key technology and trade press. This has made running PR at ESET UK less about getting coverage and more about having time to hone quality communications that drive business for the brand.”

Alan McCulloch
Strategic PR and Marketing Manager at ESET

“It’s been an absolute joy to work with you and the wider ORCKID team. The safest sets of hands I know!”

Emily Highmore-Talbot
Head of Communications, Centrica Business & Innovation

“This [Flagship] initiative has been applauded around the world and we must endeavour to capitalise on the interest it has received not just at government level, but right across communities, including among school children – surely our most important target audience.”

Ranjit Baxi
Founding President of the Global Recycling Foundation

“Having worked with ORCKID for many years, I know I have the team at my side to support me when it matters most. During a period of transition at Mitsubishi Chemical, ORCKID continue to demonstrate their unrivalled agility to execute the most challenging of briefs.

Their ability to understand our business opportunities and provide the digital solutions to go to market without compromise is second to none.”

Becky Morrison
Director of Marketing & Communications, Mitsubishi Chemical America