Floor Primers

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Showing all 11 results

It is always a good idea to use floor primers regardless of the paint job you are tackling. Primers help the paints to go on uniformly and create a beautiful finished project.

Much will depend on the existing surface that you are painting, the colour of the surface, how dark the paint is that you are applying, and whether or not the surface is porous or has any water, oil or chemical damage.

To achieve a long term solution to your floor, a primer is a necessity – not optional.

If you are suffering from oil, chemical contamination or rising damp issues, it is vital you seal the surface with a suitable primer. Look at DPM Primer or OT Primer.

If the surface is particularly soft, porous or unstable, it is important that you use a primer with excellent penetrating and binding properties. Look at EP Primer, OT Primer or WD Primer.

If you are applying to impervious or hard surfaces, you will need a primer with 1st class adhesion promoters. Look at WD Primer.

Polycote has a vast amount of floor primers to suit almost every project and surface.

No matter whether it is a warehouse floor that is in use 24 hours a day with heavy traffic or simply a basement in a house, Polycote has the solution.

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