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Exterior Floor Paint & Pathway Coating Solutions

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As we all know, the first impression of a visitor to your premises is essential. A key concern of property owners and business managers is the maintenance and repair of exterior of exterior spaces. Gardens, pathways, car parking facilities and other elements of outdoor areas are usually the first visual of a commercial or residential building that occupants, visitors and customers have. Polycote offers a range of exterior floor paint and pathway coating solutions.

Look at the wide range of products and flooring solutions we have available to fix almost any type of property maintenance requirement. From basic repairs to complete renovation projects. Epoxy floor paint, epoxy garage floor paint, non-slip floor paint, heavy duty floor paint, water based floor paint and many more; suited for your request.



We worked with one of our approved installers during the project, preparing two small areas. This included an external pathway (91 sq.m) and a 6 sq.m internal greenhouse.

The client’s main requirement was to improve the appearance and safety of the area and to provide a robust and reliable floor. It needed to withstand constant use and heavy wear and tear.

The property owner had also requested a new drain cover and metal trimming to be laid between the brickwork and screeding at the property. The installer also needed a epoxy floor paint with versatility.

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Firstly, we supplied Pebbletex Screed, DPM Primer XFH and Flortex Professional to Onyx Solutions for this project.

We used DPM Primer XFH (an extra fast hardening epoxy primer) in the greenhouse to prepare and prime the floor. Meaning a major benefit for the client was the primer’s ability to cure and be ready for the top coat in just 8 hours.

Finally, we installed Flortex Professional for the topcoat. The light green epoxy floor paint was selected from our range of 14 colours. It’s an extremely heavy-duty, two-part 100% solids epoxy floor paint with an impervious-coloured gloss finish. Flortex Professional withstands the demands of frequent use while maintaining its smooth appearance, offering excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.

Furthermore, we supplied Pebbletex Screed for the external pathway in Brittany Bronze. This surface dressing system was the best product for achieving an even, durable surface with good traction and an impressive appearance for the resin-bound pathway. Before we applied a layer over the top, we used it to fill holes and cracks in the walkway.

The finish is smooth, attractive and will remain weed-free. For more information about our range of exterior floor paint and pathway coating solutions contact our team of friendly experts.

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The clients now have a much safer and more appealing garden area at their property.

It was imperative all products were dispatched on time. We informed the client of all the installation methods from beginning to end and our technical team was on hand throughout the entire process. We always ensure the team is available, for ALL customers, offer any support, advice and help that is needed.

Overall, the project went ahead as planned and the installation was completed smoothly within the agreed time frame. Also, the number of materials ordered was perfect for covering the surface area. Both the customer and fitter were delighted with the outcome. Lastly, the project even managed to avoid any issues from unpredictable weather conditions.

Contact our team of friendly advisers for more information and to discuss your project in more detail.

Alternatively, download our brochure to view our full range and find useful tips and information.

To view our helpful how-to videos click here. 


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