Fast Drying Floor Primers

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Showing all 6 results

Fast drying floor primers are essential if time is limited and you need to ensure the substrate is prepared quickly.

Prepare your substrate correctly to ensure the top coat is successful even if time is not on your side.

Our wide variety of products are suitable for most environments. Whether you have oil contaminated surfaces or you need to prevent rising damp – Polycote has the answer.

Our fast drying floor primers are formulated to give you the high quality you expect with less downtime. From solvent based primers with extra long pot life to ultra low viscosity primers ensuring maximum penetration.

Substrates with oil contamination that can afford very little downtime might present a problem for some but not us.
OT Primer XFH – extra-fast hardening with oil-binding properties is the perfect concrete floor primer for oily surfaces. This high-quality epoxy primer is ideal for contaminated concrete floors, and is designed for open pored, damp, & oily surfaces.

Check out our useful OT Primer product applications guide.

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