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Showing all 3 results

Polycote have a huge variety of garage and workshop floor paints, repairs, screeds and tools.

Customers and employees demand increasing standards so it’s important to present our working areas as professional, clean and safe.

Never forget; you only have one opportunity to make a FIRST impression.

We have invested in a full research and development program to develop our range of garage & workshop floor paints.

Our Garage Floor Paint (Flortex Professional) is our most successful, longest lasting and popular choice of mechanics and engineers alike.

We know the wear and tear of a single mechanic standing in the same area can have as much an effect on a floor as a fleet of forklifts in a warehouse.

Our technical experts establish exactly what your issues are and the maximum amount of downtime you can allow to complete any work.

Only then will we advise on the best preparation and primer, right through to the best Garage Floor Paint option to meet YOUR specific needs.

Since 1991, Polycote have laid millions of square metres of Flortex Professional.

In all types of vehicle garage, workshops, showrooms, factories and production facilities throughout the UK.

We know exactly what is needed to give you a dust free, hard-wearing and long lasting solution.

From a single inspection pit right through to a full garage or workshop installation.

Specifications such as non-toxic, non-taint, totally impervious, slip-resistant and easy-to-clean are obviously paramount to our consideration.

As well as all line markings to ensure full compliance with VOSA requirements.

No matter whether it’s a heavy-duty chemical resistant coating, a new floor screed or a waterproof floor or wall coating for an inspection pit.

With an unparalleled range of products together with thorough on-site experience and technical expertise.

Polycote can truly offer a single source and long term solution.