Asphalt & Tarmac Repairs

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Showing all 2 results

We are all too familiar with asphalt & tarmac repairs – the potholes on our roads and in our car parks.

They are a safety & trip hazard & can cause costly damage to vehicles & equipment as well as making our businesses & other environments look unsightly.

You need to repair the problem before it gets bigger and becomes more expensive.

Polycote’s Instantex can be applied in any weather – wet or dry. Has no ‘official’ curing time – so can be used immediately!
Withstands heavy traffic immediately and is excellent for subsidence, pothole & road repairs.
You’ll find it incredibly easy to use with no mixing required & no specialist equipment or heat needed.
It will fill any shape, hole or joint and conforms to UK Highways specification.

For tough and waterproof sealing and filling of cracks and expansion joints use Polycote’s External Crack Filler. VERY FAST for all external substrates. Incredibly tough and can be used by heavy traffic in just 30 minutes!

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